Art direction, design

"The initial temptation is to speed through the tale to find out what happens—there are sheep everywhere—but the brilliantly detailed and delightfully zany illustrations from Petros Bouloubasis slow the pace. His illustrations pay attention to features as simple as the rivets in the sheepinator or the tape holding pictures on the wall and as amusing as the sheep helping carry groceries or buffing the kitchen floors. This focus on a fully formed illustrative world makes the picture book as fascinating visually as it is plotted. Mary Had a Little Lab is an innovatively fun celebration of smart girls."—Shelf Awareness

"A fun, inventive play on a traditional rhyme that is accompanied by lively mixed-media illustrations…This is a surefire read-aloud that shows a girl being a successful scientist and is a great fit for STEM storytimes."—School Library Journal

"Bouloubasis's hysterical illustrations show the chaos…Girl science power and new friendships make for a good combination."—Kirkus Reviews